Evolution of Architecture Miniseries

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an architect, or what does an architect even do? In this 3-part miniseries, Dimitrius pulls back the curtain on architecture and the profession to explore how they have and will continue to evolve. He speaks with Dezeen's Emerging Architect of 2018, Chris Precht of Precht, Architizer's Emerging Firm of the Year, Evan Troxel of Archispeak Podcast & HMC Architects, Anthony Laney of Laney LA, Mark R. LePage of EntreArchitect, and Eric Reinholdt of 30X40 Design Workshop to discuss the state of architecture, what an architect does, societal concerns for architects to address, architecture's relevance to the public, the future of education, product development, remote work culture, living (and working) on your own terms, and what the future of architecture will look like!